SMM Panel Rules

Important Rules

  1. Service Details:
    • All services provided are monetizable and safe for your accounts.
    • Read service descriptions carefully before placing orders.
    • Service details such as "Start Time, Speed, Drop ratio, Guarantee duration" are specified in the description.
  2. Guarantee Policies:
    • Guarantees are limited to the specified duration (e.g., 30 days, 60 days).
    • Refill and cancellation are manual processes taking 0-24 hours (rarely 48-72 hours).
    • No refill or refund for orders dropping after the start point if the guarantee expires.
  3. Service Descriptions:
    • Descriptions are based on previous results and may vary with time and updates.
    • Efforts are made to promptly update descriptions upon identifying any issues.
  1. Refill & Cancellation:
    • Refill & cancellation guarantee expires if the order drops after starting.
    • No actions taken after order cancellation, and no refunds for subsequent drops.
  2. Secure Services:
    • Services with a refill guarantee are 100% secure, and refills/refunds are assured.
  3. Non-refill Services:
    • No guarantee for delivery or refill with non-refill services.
    • Users are responsible for checking these services before ordering.
  4. Order Placement:
    • Second orders on the same link must be placed only after the completion of the first order.
    • Overlapping orders may result in amount loss; recovery is attempted but not guaranteed.
  5. Cancellation Requests:
    • Wait for the cancellation of an order before placing a replacement on the same link.
    • Placing orders elsewhere during cancellation may lead to payment loss; no refunds provided.
  6. Refill Guarantee Expiry:
    • Refill guarantee expires after the specified duration; no refill or refund after expiration.
  7. Multiple Accounts:
    • Only one account per user is allowed; failure to comply may result in suspension of all accounts.
  8. Account Balance Withdrawal:
    • Account balance can be withdrawn to a bank account for a valid reason, only if the amount is more than 50$ with possible additional charges.
    • Only REZZs provide this facility; misuse is not allowed.
  9. Currency and Pricing:
    • The panel's main currency is USD; fluctuations may occur in account balance due to currency rate changes.
    • Efforts are made to ensure service quality and lower prices, with reseller discounts available based on previous spending.